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TEM deployment projects are often rushed, and once a service is live, the will to improve and complete the configuration evaporates. Customers are stuck with a sub-optimal service and platform that barely gets the bills processed on time. With an incomplete inventory, and lack of visible detail, the insights to drive decision-making are missing. As a result, savings are hard to find and harder to prove.


Our methodology begins with the end in mind. We quickly identify the reports and automation that drive real value for our client decision-makers. We the work back through the platform and process to identify both platform configuration changes and process changes to ensure the needed data are populated at the proper point in the workflow. We train your team to ensure compliance. We can even offer ongoing support for recurring tasks such as report generation, Provisioning/Order management, invoice analysis, and overall governance.


TEM System is deployed to identify cost creep, ensure contract compliance, ensure end-to-end processed are enforced. A broken deployment undermines all these. You end up with broken links in the chain, which result in cost creep, unrecognized inventory, service bought outside of contracts, bad or missing cost allocations that have further negative downstream effects.

The value is simple. By fixing the TEM platform and helping the team use it better, you get what you were promised from TEM in the first place!