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We have identified M&A as a particular source of angst and disruption in the Healthcare IT space. For Healthcare, Mergers and Acquisitions are a perfect storm which introduces additional complexity and workload to an already understaffed and over committed workforce. M&A activity creates chaos in this space, which IT is fighting to acclimate to and staff for.

As new Hospitals, Physician and Med groups, and Clinics are acquired there is a constant struggle for IT to assimilate the connectivity services and their associated contracts. Much of the time, this assimilation goes undone and creates a scenario where costs go unrecognized and services are not addressed in the Corporate Contracting process.

We assist by helping your team identify the sites that are not being tracked, bringing them under your existing contracts, and designing an end to end process tailored to your specific needs that ensures you don’t miss newly acquired sites in the future. We also provide guidance in selecting and helping to implement tools to assist you in handling the churn that comes with M&A activity in today’s Healthcare industry.