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Nearly every telco, large and small, has a hosted voice option. In addition, if you are of any size, hardware vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and Mitel are beating down your door with their product. Of course, Google and Amazon are in the mix, as well as many different mobile app based voice solutions! How do you make sense of it all?

At CostWellness, our experts take the time to first understand all your existing voice services, including complex call routing, specialized call center functionality, and all the incumbent costs. We work with you to plan a transition that serves your business and saves significant money.

Did you know that most Service providers offer either a Broadsoft or Metaswitch-based hosted voice solution? However, how they have configured it within their own infrastructure varies significantly. We have industry insider information that will ensure the solution you select doesn’t suffer from quality issues because of distance from the voice solution you selected.