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  • Clients often lack the capacity or expertise to handle their side of TEM implementations


  • CostWellness has consultants who can step into or support the client PM role


  • Reduced risk, shortens implementation timeline
  • Savings and other projected benefits happen sooner
  • Key outcomes are realized, e.g. workflow automation and reporting
  • Better inventory completion
  • Better user adoption of platform going forward

What TEM Deployments are a good fit for this?

We know of 4 common situations that demand our help:

Highly Complex — Big customers (say, $60 MM in spend and above) often have many stakeholders, platform users, APIs, sources of inventory – and lots of work to pull it together.

Pressure Cooker — When time is short, complexity is high, spend is large and customer resources are unavailable and unresponsive. The pressure mounts when there is an uncooperative incumbent in the mix!

Small Autopilot — A small customer has a real business case for GSG, but no availability to drive the project from their side.

11th hour — A project kicked off 8 weeks ago and we are already 6 weeks behind schedule!

Our team solves all the following issues:

  • Client is underresourced — absent, inexperienced in TEM:
    • Deployment is under way, and the client PM is reassigned.
    • You are 1 month in, and no reliable client PM is yet assigned.
    • Client deliverables are slipping and affecting project timeline.
    • Client resources have never worked on TEM before
  • Very complex organization, esp, via M&A
  • Tricky Cost allocation
    • Internal scorekeeping is a perverse incentive,
    • e.g. Benefits and Costs are on different budgets, preventing the project from happening
  • Client org changes are needed to achieve project success.
    • No central Service Ordering process or organization
    • No or multiple A/P process
    • Key reference data is missing or unavailable.


  • CostWellness has hands on experience with a number of competing TEM platforms:
    • GSG – Sakon
    • Tangoe – Rivermine
    • Tangoe – Asentinel
    • Tangoe – CMP
    • Calero – PINNACLE
    • MTS – Anchorpoint
  • This helps us to add more value when helping customers transition platforms.